Tailor made DSLR-Adapters for easy and perfect mount - no vignetting
Lens Adapters 

just together is a thought-out system of adapters designed by photographers: optimized camera adapters make a digital back for large-format cameras out of your DSLR and our lens adapters make it possible to use medium-format and enlarging lenses. Compared to conventional digital backs just together not only allows costsavings but also gives you the advantage of using the responsive, colored live-view mode of modern DSLRs. Never before could you work so efficiently, confidently and intuitively with your view-camera!

With our adapters you can position your DSLR precisely with one move. A simple turn of the hand changes the format from landscape to portrait, and the bayonet attachment guarantees that the sensor is exactly parallel to the lens. For middle-format, englargement, digital or large-format lenses from 40mm up.

You don't own a digital back? Sure you do - your Canon, Nikon, Sony Alpha or Leica-M is one now! Try it!

"Flawless optical results"
(Urs Tilmanns, 18/2007)
"smart adapter system"
(issue:  2/2007)